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Net Fight Of Heroes' Fans Over A Song

Net Fight Of Heroes' Fans Over A Song

Star fans and their fights over many things is a common feature. Usually it has to do
with the box office figures but now it is heard that a new fight has begun at a new platform. All this is happening in Tamil Nadu and the fans we are talking about are the admirers of Tamil heroes Dhanush and Simbu.
Apparently, after Dhanush sang the viral hit song ‘Why this Kolaveri di?’ Simbu also rendered his voice for a song in a Tamil film but at that point no one cared for Simbu’s number. But now he has sung for a Telugu song in the yet to be released film ‘Back Bench Student’.
In Tamil Nadu, Dhanush fans and Simbu fans are arch rivals. It is heard from gossip mills that Simbu is trying to compete with Dhanush like Kolaveri Di. This has led to an online fight between fans of both heroes. But here is some fact. It is not about competition for Simbu, it is about the hero of the film Mahat Raghavendra who is Simbu’s longtime friend and that’s why he did the song. For the record, Simbu has crooned for the remix of ‘Jagada Jagada…’ song.



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